Buy property in Cyprus

Cyprus is continually growing strong for tourists, investors and residents to be. Amenities that welcome people warmly keep tourism as the main income of the island.

If you are looking to invest in ancient heritage there are things that you will need to know. The straightforward process of buying property in Cyprus will go smoothly if you familiarize yourself about it in advance. The help of a well-trained professional real estate agent can take the guesswork out of buying. They will walk you through every step along the way to new ownership proving invaluable in the process.

Use an agent’s resources to help you find the best property for your money that you are interested in purchasing. They can let you know exactly what your limitations are if you are a foreigner to the area that is looking to invest. An agent will help you follow the proper process of making an offer including the stipulations for that particular sale. Stipulations are things that the seller will include with the property such as maintenance or other things to be included and possibly a completion date if you are purchasing from a developer.

The holding deposit for the property will follow completing and agreeing on the terms of the property sale. It is wise to have your agent as well as an independent lawyer represent your interests along the way.

Purchasing property in the states may include a preliminary contract that is subject to changes by the final contract. This is a simplified part of the process by one contract signed by both parties in Cyprus purchases.

Talk to your agent about financing options and limitations and the fees for mortgage arrangement, which typically run about 1% of the borrowed amount. Your agent will advise you on what fees are due within the 30 days of the completion of a contract. They will include information on how to apply to the Council of Ministers for a permit to own Cyprus property. Lastly the agent will help you finalize getting the title deeds in your name and owning a piece of highly sought after property in Cyprus.