Shared Residential Land in Pachyammos
Paphos, Pachyammos
ID 2184
The asset is 70.8% share of a residential field in Pachyammos, Nicosia. It is located along "Polis - Pyrgos" Old road, lies approx. 750m northeast of the Community's centre and 600m east of Agios Raphael Church. Also, along its southern border is the St. Agios Church. The asset is also located very close to the buffer zone. The asset has an irregular shape, slighlty sloping surface and benefits from approx. 50m road frontage along its eastern border. It is adjacent to the coastline along its western border. The area corresponding to the subject share is 4,886 sqm. The immediate area consists of mostly similar fields and sporadic residential developments.
Zone Cover Factor Build Factor Max Height Max Floors
H4 40% 25% 8.3 m 2
  • Investment opportunity
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